Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. May Santa bring you lots of Mustang related parts


Wiper Blades – Silver / Stainless steel look for less than the price of one (DIY)

Project rating 1/5 (one being the easiest)

So I’ve been looking to find the cheapest and most affordable way to ship two wiper blades for my 1966 Mustang, it’s been over 3 months then I realized I’d rather not spend much on something I really don’t need. BTW I don’t live in the US.

I live in a sunny country where it rarely rains, so wipers aren’t as important as in other locations.

I like to think outside the box and love DIY so after searching for the best price to order 2 wiper blades to replace the worn out existing one. I decided to get generic wipers and paint them silver to match the current ones as they would stand out if I installed them as is, black.

We don’t get a variety types of wiper blades here, I’m sure in the States or in some other countries you can get colored blades.

Why you would ask?

My car isn’t a show car nor is it a daily driver. I would call it a weekend driver. Is not perfect the paint isn’t the best, the chrome has pitting’s etc…

If I order 2 for my stag from my fav. Online place its $13 each plus shipping let’s say it’s going to be $32 shipped to my forwarding address and another $15 for international shipping to my country.

I will end up with $47 for 2 wipers. I now have two good usable wiper blades for less than the cost of one wiper blade if purchased form a local store in the US. It’s a $40 dollar saving for me. ($25-40 depending on where I get them from)

The generic wiper cost me 2.75 each plus 1.75 for the spray paint can so a total of 7.25

I didn’t have time to shop around I just went to a few places and realized 15 inch wipers don’t seem to be a common size. I think the fake bosch frame-less type wiper blade would have been nice as they will look similar to the originals, but I don’t know if the paint would crack.

What I could have done better after finishing the project?

Maybe applying more coats of paint, I did maybe 3 but some spots if inspected from close distance are not coated properly will look at them in a years’ time and see how much of the paint faded off and if it’s a good option project or not

Is this project for everybody?

Defiantly not.

It’s an easy project, but if I can go pick up two stock looking wiper blades for 10 each and save my self the hassle and have them installed right out of the box knowing the paint won’t fade etc… I would do that.

Follow these easy steps if you want to do the same

Set of generic wiper blades (these were $2.75 each)

Mask them so the rubber wipers are covered you don’t want that painted

Hang them so you can paint them evenly as pictured

Spray paint the wipers with light coat let each coat dry before you coat it again

Paint the fixtures/holders that attache the wipers to the arm

Let the wipers dry overnight

Unmask the tape gently and fix the fixture/holder

Install wipers and enjoy, the right wiper is the one I painted and the one on the left was the one that came with the car (previous owner installed it I guess)

The top one is painted by me while the bottom one is what came with the car

Wipers painted on 12/12/2011 will try to review the paint next year or if the paints fades (which could be earlier)

How to remove the Cigarette lighter socket from the dash

Okay so I have a small interior car fan (pictured on the left), It hooks up to the cigarette lighter outlet, recently I’ve had to fiddle with the socket  to start the fan, a few days back I had a small spark,  so I decided to get it out of the dash and inspect the wiring if its loose.

This is very simple task I’m only showing it so if anyone else has a similar problem and thinks its time consuming well its not its a 5 min job.

I was told I can do it without removing the gauges, I don’t think that’s possible as you need to remove the connection from the back plus putting it back would be impossible.


  1. Place a cloth on the steering column secure it by tying it to the steering wheel, this step is crucial if you want to avoid scratching your paint work
  2. Make sure you disconnect the battery while doing any electrical work
  3. Remove all six screws on the gauge cluster, position the gauge cluster in a way were you have access to the right had side behind the cluster
  4. Remove the single wire connected to the cigarette lighter, twist the frame from behind to unscrew it, remove both pieces from the front an back trial fit it out side the dash to see how its attached
  5. Screw it back into place tightly and reconnect the wires, fix the six screws back on to the cluster and your done

Dream Cars List – first draft

Here is a quick list of cars I would love to own, most of the cars are ones that I can realistically own (not all together) 3 from the list below I wont be able to own unless they are replicas. Im not planning on buying the cars listed nor have I considered buying anything other than what I already bought my 66 vert.

But this list is handy, Iffffff I every win the lottery

1965-66 Ford Mustang – Convertible
1967-68 Ford Mustang – Fastback
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – Replica or Rebody
1966-72 Lamborghini Miura
1965-69 Lincoln Continental – Convertible
1966-77 Ford Bronco
1965 Shelby Cobra – Replica Favtory Five
1963-70 Mercedes-Benz SL – Pagoda W113
1966-70 Buick Riviera

Btw this is not the complete list I’m working on making the full list including a link to the each car and some info, my list already passed 20 cars, I didn’t want to place them all today, the others are cars that are not listed yet are not as important as the ones listed to me, like I said the updated list will included pictures to make it easier to recognize the cars.

I love almost all classic and muscle cars those cars had style and character.

My love affair with the Ford Mustangs

I fell in love with mustangs earlier on in my life.  It all started with a classic mustang in the mid 90s after watching the movie Locked Up with Sylvester Stallone they restore a 1965 Red Mustang coupe (Which was later destroyed heart breaking, I couldn’t bear it).  I was around 11 years old at that time.

Before that I never really was interested in one specific brand or model or cars. I started falling in love with the classic mustangs I then started realizing my friends Mom used to drive a early 90s Fox body GT Notchback

Its was a two toned mustang GT hatchback from what I remember, what a car.  The 94-98 body didn’t interest me much on the release of the 99 I was in love all over again with the current design (at the time they were current) I have made my first website about mustangs in approximately 1998 dedicated to the newer 99+ and classic mustangs, I last updated the website in 2001

In high school My teacher asked me to make a list of Goals that are realistic, So couldn’t think of something she said I have to write a few thing after a while I listed “Owning at leat one Mustang” to make it reasonable I didn’t mention owning a classic, in 2005 I bought my first mustang

and almost a 2 years ago I purchased one of my dream cars a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang Convertible by the way my other dream car is a 67-68 Mustang fastback.

So Ten years after I last updated my original website mustangmania I decided to make a blog/website and write about mustangs and eventually share tips and tricks, and blog about random stuff.

This is a quick write-up I will try to eventually put more details and refine it a bit maybe – we shall see if this ever happens