Hi this is my blog where I will be writing about my classic mustang, with tips and guides if possible to help others benefit from my experience, I’m not a mechanic and I’m new to working on cars I would like to learn and in the process help others as well, enjoy. I will be blogging about my car and about classic cars in general any anything that I find interested that is also mustang related, there will most likely be a few random posts related to god know what. Hope you find the blog enjoyable.

Most if not all the graphics on this website/blog are made by me with a few expectations. Pictures and photos are different then graphics btw.

I’m still new to the blogging scene so I will try to update the blog regularly, if you can give me tips and advice that would be nice and helpful

Ford and Mustang and all representations are trademarks of the Ford Motor Company.
If you are the rightful owner of any copyrighted picture listed on my blog please let me know and I will remove it.
Copy or use of the images and descriptions from this blog without prior written permission from Me is strictly prohibited.
Copyright © 2011 AJA. All rights reserved.


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