My love affair with the Ford Mustangs

I fell in love with mustangs earlier on in my life.  It all started with a classic mustang in the mid 90s after watching the movie Locked Up with Sylvester Stallone they restore a 1965 Red Mustang coupe (Which was later destroyed heart breaking, I couldn’t bear it).  I was around 11 years old at that time.

Before that I never really was interested in one specific brand or model or cars. I started falling in love with the classic mustangs I then started realizing my friends Mom used to drive a early 90s Fox body GT Notchback

Its was a two toned mustang GT hatchback from what I remember, what a car.  The 94-98 body didn’t interest me much on the release of the 99 I was in love all over again with the current design (at the time they were current) I have made my first website about mustangs in approximately 1998 dedicated to the newer 99+ and classic mustangs, I last updated the website in 2001

In high school My teacher asked me to make a list of Goals that are realistic, So couldn’t think of something she said I have to write a few thing after a while I listed “Owning at leat one Mustang” to make it reasonable I didn’t mention owning a classic, in 2005 I bought my first mustang

and almost a 2 years ago I purchased one of my dream cars a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang Convertible by the way my other dream car is a 67-68 Mustang fastback.

So Ten years after I last updated my original website mustangmania I decided to make a blog/website and write about mustangs and eventually share tips and tricks, and blog about random stuff.

This is a quick write-up I will try to eventually put more details and refine it a bit maybe – we shall see if this ever happens