How to remove the Cigarette lighter socket from the dash

Okay so I have a small interior car fan (pictured on the left), It hooks up to the cigarette lighter outlet, recently I’ve had to fiddle with the socket  to start the fan, a few days back I had a small spark,  so I decided to get it out of the dash and inspect the wiring if its loose.

This is very simple task I’m only showing it so if anyone else has a similar problem and thinks its time consuming well its not its a 5 min job.

I was told I can do it without removing the gauges, I don’t think that’s possible as you need to remove the connection from the back plus putting it back would be impossible.


  1. Place a cloth on the steering column secure it by tying it to the steering wheel, this step is crucial if you want to avoid scratching your paint work
  2. Make sure you disconnect the battery while doing any electrical work
  3. Remove all six screws on the gauge cluster, position the gauge cluster in a way were you have access to the right had side behind the cluster
  4. Remove the single wire connected to the cigarette lighter, twist the frame from behind to unscrew it, remove both pieces from the front an back trial fit it out side the dash to see how its attached
  5. Screw it back into place tightly and reconnect the wires, fix the six screws back on to the cluster and your done