Dream Cars List – first draft

Here is a quick list of cars I would love to own, most of the cars are ones that I can realistically own (not all together) 3 from the list below I wont be able to own unless they are replicas. Im not planning on buying the cars listed nor have I considered buying anything other than what I already bought my 66 vert.

But this list is handy, Iffffff I every win the lottery

1965-66 Ford Mustang – Convertible
1967-68 Ford Mustang – Fastback
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – Replica or Rebody
1966-72 Lamborghini Miura
1965-69 Lincoln Continental – Convertible
1966-77 Ford Bronco
1965 Shelby Cobra – Replica Favtory Five
1963-70 Mercedes-Benz SL – Pagoda W113
1966-70 Buick Riviera

Btw this is not the complete list I’m working on making the full list including a link to the each car and some info, my list already passed 20 cars, I didn’t want to place them all today, the others are cars that are not listed yet are not as important as the ones listed to me, like I said the updated list will included pictures to make it easier to recognize the cars.

I love almost all classic and muscle cars those cars had style and character.